F. M. Kirby Research Center for Functional Brain Imaging
At the Kennedy Krieger Institute

Preparing for a Visit

The principal investigators of ongoing studies at the Kirby Center have offices that schedule visits for participants in these studies. Each office will provide specific descriptions of the procedures and any necessary preparations for your visit. Please contact the specific office if you have any questions.

Below are some general considerations relevant to all studies performed in the MRI environment. Before your scheduled appointment, you should:

  • Ask the investigator to explain the procedures and any contraindications for your particular imaging study.
  • Inquire about the duration of the study, so that you can arrange appropriate transportation.
  • Dress in comfortable clothing that does not contain any metal. You will have to remove any metal accessories.
  • Please review the Directions to the Kirby Center. We are located on the first floor of the Kennedy Krieger Institute on the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus in Baltimore, Maryland.
The front doorstep of the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

We are located in this portion of the Kennedy Krieger Institute, at 707 N. Broadway in Baltimore, MD.