F. M. Kirby Research Center for Functional Brain Imaging
At the Kennedy Krieger Institute


The Kirby Center supports both a central technology support staff and affiliated research scientists. Together they provide training and research advice for all aspects of the Center's imaging technologies.

Dr. Peter van Zijl and Joe Gillen with the Kirby Center sign.

Dr. Peter van Zijl and Joe Gillen with the Kirby Center sign, during our renovations in 2008.

Useful Links

  • Organization
    How the Kirby Center is organized, including advisory committees, user representatives, support staff, etc.

  • Personnel
    A list of people currently working in conjunction with the Kirby Center, from faculty to students to staff.

  • Investigators
    A list of the primary investigators for several of the ongoing studies at the Kirby Center.

  • Alumni
    A list of people who have previously worked at the Kirby Center, and where they are now.

  • Photographs
    A preview of our current photo albums, showcasing fun events.

  • Affiliations
    A list of our many collaborative institutions.

  • Contact Us
    How to contact the Kirby Center