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Image from DTI of the Human Brain

A portion of the database for white matter in the human brain.

Current Studies

Scanned within 1 year of Oct 2019

Principal InvestigatorProtocol Name
Albert, MarilynAlzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative - ADNI-2
Albert, MarilynBiomarkers of Cognitive Decline in Older Individuals: The BIOCARD Cohort
Albert, MarilynAlzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative - ADNI-3
Albert, MarilynClinical trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of ABG101 for slowing progression of mild cognitive impairment
Bakker, ArnoldHigh-resolution neuroimaging in Parkinson's disease
Bakker, ArnoldNeuroimaging epigenetics of prospective postpartum depression biomarkers
Bakker, ArnoldHippocampal and parietal network changes among subjects in the early phases of AD and relationship with CSF biomarkers
Bakker, ArnoldMultimodal MRI studies of memory systems in healthy and memory impaired young and older adults
Barker, PeterResource for Quantitative Functional MRI
Barker, PeterQuantitative MRSI to predict early response to Vorinostat therapy in newly-diagnosed Glioblastomas
Barker, PeterBRP - Cerebellar syndromes: clinical and experimental study
Bedny, MarinaA neuroimaging study of brain function in sighted and blind individuals
Blakeley, JaishriThe feasibility and biologic effect of a modified Atkins-based intermittent fasting diet in patients with glioblastoma (GBM)
Calabresi, PeterAnalysis of the axonal degeneration following inflammatory demyelination in multiple sclerosis using MTw, DTI, and MRS
Calabresi, PeterA phase 1 open-label trial of intrathecal rituximab in progressive multiple sclerosis patients with magnetic resonance imaging evidence of leptomeningeal enhancement
Calabresi, PeterImaging Neurodegeneration in MS
Calabresi, PeterCentral Vein in Multiple Sclerosis (CAVS-MS) Pilot Study
Calabresi, PeterNAIMS Traveling Subject Study: A traveling subject study of replicability in conventional and advanced MRI MS biomarkers (MS CAMRAS)
Carnell, SusanNeurobehavioral influences on body weight
Celnik, PabloInvestigation on the Bidirectional Cortical Neuroprosthetic System (BiCNS)
Chai, XiaoqianBrain imaging study of memory development
Chen, JaniceTimescales of perception and memory in the brain
Chib, VikramInfluences of incentive on performance
Choe, AnnAssessment of brain function reorganization in individuals with SCI
Choe, AnnCortical function connectivity as an early biomarker of recovery in spinal cord
Courtney-Faruqee, SusanfMRI Studies of Working Memory for Faces, Objects, and Spatial Locations in Normal Adults
Desmond, JohnInvestigation of Cerebellar involvement in cognitive function
Earley, ChristopherRandomized, placebo-controlled trial of ferric carboxymaltose in restless legs syndrome patients with iron deficiency anemia
Earley, ChristopherThe role of genetic factors in restless leg syndrome
Edden, RichardUniversal MRS of GABA new sub
Edden, RichardDysfunction of Sensory Inhibition in Autism
Edden, RichardSimultaneous hadamard editing of GABA & Glutathione
Edden, RichardNeurometabolic Profile Of Mild Cognitive Impairment Using Edited MRS
Fatemi, S. AliA randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multinational, multicenter study with open-label treatment extension to assess the effect of MIN-102 on the progression of adrenomyeloneuropathy in male patients with X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy
Fatemi, S. AliThe effect of vitamin D3 on markers of oxidative stress in boys with X-linked ALD (V4)
Fetsch, ChristopherNeural mechanisms of multisensory perception and decision-making
Griffiths, RolandEffects of Psilocybin in major depressive disorder
Guarda, AngelaNeural mechanisms of appetite dysregulation in anorexia nervosa: the role of AGRP
Harrison, DanielVisualization of Grey Matter Lesions and Neurodegeneration in Multiple Sclerosis on 7-Tesla MRI (sub7261)
Harrison, DanielAutomated quantification of subpial demyelination and axonal injury in MS on 7T MRI
Harrison, DanielIn vivo assessment of meningeal inflammation and its clinical impact in MS by 7T
Harrison, DanielML40273 Pilot study of meningeal inflammation on 7T MRI as a tool for measuring and predicting ocrelizumab response in MS
Heo, HyeyoungHighly accelerated chemical exchange saturation transfer MRI using compressed sensing
Hillis-Trupe, ArgyeNeural Basis of Language and Cognitive Deficits in Acute Stroke and Recovery
Hillis-Trupe, ArgyeEffects of Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) plus language therapy for naming in subacute left hemisphere stroke
Hua, JunPresurgical functional MRI in patients with large susceptibility artifacts
Hua, JunInvestigations of neurovascular abnormalities in the olfactory cortex using advanced MRI technologies
Hua, JunNovel MRI technologies for imaging small blood and lymphatic vessel in human brain.
Lance, EboniNeuroimaging in children with sickle cell disease & neurodevelopmental disorder
Lance, EboniNeuroimaging, protein biomarkers & neurodevelopment in very young children with sickle cell disease
Lee, DaeyeolNeural basis of decision making
Lin, DorisPilot Time 7T Scanner
Lu, HanzhangMagnetic Resonance Imaging of Brain Physiology
Lu, HanzhangAdvanced MRI methods in image vascular physiology with respiratory manipulations
Lu, HanzhangDevelopment of MRI microvascular biomarkers in cognitive impairment and dementia
Mahon, PamelaOxidative stress & mood disorder trajectories
Mahone, E. MarkDevelopment of ADHD in Pre-School Children Neuroimaging and Behavioral Correlates
Margolis, RussellThalamic connectivity in recent onset schizophrenia measured by 7T fMRI
Margolis, Russell7 Tesla measures in BSNIP Biotype subjects
Marvel, CherieHIV-relates neuroplasticity and attention-to-reward as predictors of real world function
Marvel, CherieBrain function & cognition in Lyme disease
Marvel, CherieCerebellum and basal ganglia interactions in movement disorder
McCloskey, MichaelFunctional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Human Scene and Space Processing
Mostofsky, StewartAdolescent Changes in Brain Behavior in Boys and Girls with ADHD
Mostofsky, StewartA movement based mindfulness training for children with ADHD: A feasibility study
Mostofsky, StewartTactile adaptation in Tourette Syndrome: Probing GABA-Mediated neuroplasticity
Mowry, EllenMulti-center randomized double blinded assessment of Tecfidera in extending the time to a first attack in radiologically isolated syndrome (RIS) (ARISE)
Nelson, SarahUse of multimodal MRI in Subarachnoid hemorrhage patients
Newsome, ScottA Multicenter, Observational,Open-lable, Single-Arm Study of Tysabri In Early Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in Anti-JVC Antibody Negative Patients
Newsome, ScottAn open-label study to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of Ocrelizumab in patients with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis who have had suboptimal response to an adequate course of disease-modifying treatment
Newsome, ScottA Multicenter, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study in subject with relapsing MS to evaluate the efficacy & safety of BIIB033 as an add-on therapy to anti-inflammatory disease modifying therapies
Nowrangi, MilapNeural Network Connectivity of Financial Capacity in Mild Cognitive Impairment
Oh, JiwonLeptomeningeal inflammation in MS: A prospective MRI study
Onyike, ChiadiAdvancing Research and Treatment for Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration (ARTFL)
Onyike, ChiadiLongitudinal early-onset Alzheimers disease study (LEADS)
Onyike, ChiadiEarly onset AD consortium LEADS study
Pantelyat, AlexanderLongitudinal biomarkers of atypical Parkinsonian disorders
Pantelyat, AlexanderMulti-modal magnetic resonance imaging in progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP)
Park, SoojinFunctional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Human Scene and Space Processing
Pomper, MartinMolecular imaging of brain injury and repair in NFL players
Pomper, MartinImaging the role of the a7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor in the pathophysiology of psychosis
Pritchard, AlisonRole of peripheral & brain iron in the development of the attention & cognitive control
Puts, NicolaasA multimodal investigation of inhibitory dysfunction in autism spectrum disorder
Qiao, YeMRI imaging of cerebral vascular disease
Qin, QinDevelopment and Validation of Quantitative MRI
Sacktor, NedIntranasal insulin for the treatment of HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND)
Saidha, ShivIn-vivo investigation of trans-synaptic neurodegeneration in MS
Saidha, ShivEffects of MD1003 in progressive MS: A randomized double blind placebo controlled study
Sebastian, RajaniCerebellar tDCS to Augment Chronic Aphasia Treatment
Seymour, KarenNeurobehavioral Correlates of Frustration in ADHD
Seymour, KarenNeurophysiological biomarkers of hazard perception among novice and experienced teenage drivers
Smith, GwennLongitudinal molecular imaging of neuropathology and serotonin in mild cognitive impairment
Steele, KimberleyNeurobiologic Alterations in Bariatric Surgery: Taste Responsiveness and Weight Loss
Suskauer, StacyNeural Basis of Impairments in Response Inhibition and Processing Speed following Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury
Suskauer, StacyBRAINY Brain recovery after injury in youth
Tsapkini, KyranaEffects of transcranial direct current stimulation in primary progressive aphasia
van Zijl, PeterGlycogen Quantification using MRI
van Zijl, PeterGlucose as contrast agent for MRI
Vannorsdall, TracyTranscranial Direct Current Stimulation and Cognition in Adults with Multiple Sclerosis or Encephalitis
Wagner, KathrynAn exploratory study to assess two doses of GSK2402968 in the Treatment of Ambulant boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Wagner, KathrynA phase 2 randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study of ACE-083 in patients with facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (Protocol A-083-02)
Wagner, KathrynFSHD longitudinal biomarker preparatory study
Wand, Gary8/8: INIA Stress & chronic alcohol interactions: Glucocoricoid antagonists in heavy drinkers: effects on fMRI
Wong, Dean18F-dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA) Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Randomized, Double-blind, Crossover Study to Explore Dopamine Synthesis Capacity in the Whole Striatum After 2 Weeks of Treatment with 150mg of RO6889450 or Placebo in Patients with Schizophrenia
Zee, DavidMRI induced vertigo
Zhou, JinyuanHuman brain protein imaging and spectroscopy
Zhou, JinyuanAmide Proton Transfer MR Imaging of Brain Tumors at 3T

Previous Studies

Scanned March 2001 to Oct 2018

Principal InvestigatorProtocol Name
Albert, MarilynAlzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative clinical phase
Albert, MarilynMRI Studies of Brain Structure and Function with Intact or Impaired Memory
Albert, MarilynReliability and Validity of DTI and ASL as Measures of Cognitive Decline in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer's Disease
Albert, MarilynImaging Amyloid Plaques with and without Memory Problems
Albert, MarilynDHA and Progression of Alzheimer's Disease
Albert, MarilynADNI GO-Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative
Albert, MarilynA principal open-label study to assess the prognostic usefulness of Flutemetamol (18F) injection for identifying subjects with amnestic mild cognitive impairment who will convert to Alzheimers disease
Allen, RichardGlutamate, hyperarousal and restless legs syndrome
Arene, NkirukaEffect of Prism Adaptation on Neural Structures Involved in Spatial Attention Allocation and Retinotopic Egocentric Reference Frame Computation in Hemispatial Neglect Patients
Arenivas, AnaNeuroimaging and Neurobehavioral Outcomes of Pediatric Neuromyelitis Optica: A Pilot Study
Artemov, DmitriPilot Tests - Breast Coil
Atalar, ErginPhantom Study on Temperature Mapping
Bakker, ArnoldNeuroimaging of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Bakker, ArnoldHigh-Resolution Neuroimaging in Psychosis
Barker, PeterProton MR Spectroscopic Imaging In Human Breast Cancer
Barker, PeterProton Spectroscopic Imaging in NF1
Barker, PeterUsing Neuroimaging to Investigate Neural Mechanisms of Injury in Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Barker, PeterIn Vivo Determination of NAAG in Brain
Barker, PeterNeurotransmitters in Schizophrenia using high-field MR Spectroscopy
Barrett, FrederickMeasurement of persisting changes in emotional brain functioning produced by psilocybin
Barta, PatrickCortical Surface Area in Health & Disease
Bassett, SusanBrain Imaging & Cognition in Individuals at Risk for Alzheimer's Disease
Bassett, SusanNeuroimaging,Neurovirologyand Psychiatric Disorders
Bassett, SusanStructural brain Correlates of MDMA Use
Bastian, AmyLocomotor Plasticity in Health and Disease
Baumgartner, WilliamExcitotoxicity in Circulatory Arrest-Induced Brain Injury
Belcher, HarolynHUGS MRI Study
Bluemke, DavidCardiac MR Imaging of Normal Right Ventricle
Boatman, DanaFunctional Imaging Correlates of Speech Perception in Normals
Bottomley, PaulInterventional Imaging
Caballero, BenjaminRole of intramyocelluar lipid accumulation on insulin resistance of obesity
Calabresi, PeterAvonex Combination Trial 'ACT'
Calabresi, PeterA Phase 1, Open-label, Mutlicenter Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Rituximab (Mab Thera/Rituxan) in Adults with Relapsing Remitting MS
Calabresi, PeterA Phase II Dose Finding, Placebo and AVONEX Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy, as Measured by Brain MRI Lesions and Relapses, and Safety of 2 Dose Regimens of Ocrelizumab Compared to AVONEX and Placebo in Patients With Relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis
Calabresi, PeterA Combination Trial of Copazone plus Estriol in Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis
Calabresi, PeterA Multicenter,Randomized,Double-Blind,Parallel-Group,Placebo-Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of PEGylated Interferon Beta-1a (BIIB017) in Subjects Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis
Calabresi, Petera 3yr, multicenter study to evaluate optical coherence tomography as an outcome measurein patients with MS
Calhoun, VinceRefinement & Validation of Functional Latency Mapping Techniques in Event Related fMRI: A Set of Timing Probes for Simple Visual, Auditory, Motor & Language Tasks
Carlson, MichelleExperience Corps fMRI Feasibility Trial
Cascella, NicolaViral Markers and Brain Structural Features in Schizophrenia
Cascella, NicolaOlfactory Receptor Neuons and skin Fibroblasts as a model to study schizophrenia
Casella, JamesCognitive and NeuroimagingStudies of Children with Sickle Cell Disease
Casella, JamesSilent Cerebral Infarct Multi-Center Clinical Trial
Casella, JamesCerebral Blood Flow and Neurocognitive Function in Children with Sickle Cell Disease
Cataldo, MichaelBOLD fMRI in MR research to map learning histories
Celnik, PabloNeural Substrates underlying the effects of motor training and action observation on motor memory formation in health and after stroke
Chevillet, MarkFunctional Neuroimaging Studies of Auditory Perception
Christensen, JamesStructural, Spectroscopic and Functional Imaging during Room Coma Recovery in Children and Adolescents after Traumatic or Anoxic Brain Injury
Connor, CharlesForm Processing in Extrastriate Visual Cortex
Connor, CharlesFunctional Neuroimaging of Human Visual Processing
Connor, CharlesForm processing in extrastraite visual cortex
Courtney-Faruqee, SusanLongitudinal fMRI Study of the Effects of Multiple Sclerosis on Working Memory
Cutting, LaurieMRSI and fMRI of Neurofibromatosis Type I: In Vivo Pathophysiology, Brain Behavior Relationships and Reading Disabilities
Cutting, LaurieLanguage and EF Factors in Reading Comprehension in RD
Cutting, LaurieDiffusion Tensor Imaging and Reading Disabilities
Cutting, LaurieAdolescent Programs: Behavioral and Neural Effects
Cutting, LaurieCognitive and Neural Processess in Reading Comprehension
Cutting, LaurieNeurobiology and Treatment of Reading Disability in NF-1
Cutting, LaurieReading Comprehension: Sources of Difficulty and Neurocognitive Correlates
Cutting, LaurieValidity of Response-to-Intervention for Identifying Reading Disabiity Beyond the Primary Grades
Dariotis, JacindaHONESTY Project (Hormonal & Neurological Survey of Texting Youth)
deLateur, BarbaraEvaluation of the effect of natalizumab (Tysabri) on spasticity and function in multiple sclerosis
Denckla, MarthaMorphometric Interscanner Reliability: GE versus Philips
Denckla, MarthaAnomolous Motor Physiology in ADHD
Denckla, MarthaFunctional Neuroimaging of Time Perception in Children with and without Autism
Derusso, PatriciaClinical Utility of Abdominal MRI in Assessing Hepatic Iron Overload
Desmond, JohnfMRI Analysis of Aging and Awareness in Conditioning
Desmond, JohnfMRI and TMS Analysis Cerebellar Cognitive Function
Desmond, JohnfMRI Investigations of Effects of Alcohol on Cognition
Diehl, AnnaThe Effect of a Probiotic on Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disorder
Driscoll, IraAssessment of Hippocampus-Dependent Longitudinal Cognitive Decline and Hippocampal Biochemical Integrity in Normal Aging
Earley, ChristopherDopamine and Iron in Restless Legs Syndrome
Earley, ChristopherIntravenous Iron Metabolism in Restless Legs Syndrome
Earley, ChristopherDolpamine-RLS Connection
Edden, RichardSensory Behaviour in ASD
Edden, RichardInhibition and Sensory Discrimination
Edden, RichardIndividual Differences in GABA and Functional Neuroimaging
Egan, JosephineThe Effects of Aromatase Inhibition and Testosterone Replacement on Sex Steroids, Pituitary Hormones, Markers of Bone Turnover, Muscle Strength and Cognition in Older Men
Ernst, ThomasRGR-based motion tracking for real-time adaptive MR...
Fischer, JasonfMRI investigations of dynamic scene perception
Fried, LindaMuscle response to mild exercise
Gallagher, MichelaLevetiracetam and memory function
Goldberg, MelissaAutism and ADHD: Executive Functions & Brain Mechanisms
Goldberg, MelissaReward System in Autism
Gordon, BarryMRI Volumetric Analysis of Memory-Impaired and Normal Participants
Gordon, BarryTranscranial direct current stimulation and cognition in adults with MS or Encephalitis
Griffiths, RolandEffects of psilocybin on behavior, psychology and brain function in long-term meditators
Guarda, AngelaNeural Mechanisms of Appetite Dysregulation in Anorexia Nervosa
Halbower, AnnCerebral Impact of Childhood Sleep Apnea
Hammond, ChristopherNeurobiological predictors & mechanisms of substance abuse treatment response for adolescent cannabis use disorders
Hammond, ChristopherNeural mechanisms of adolescent substance use treatment among adolescents with cannabis use disorder
Hanley, DanielRecovery of Complex Motor Function after Shunt Placement for NPH
Hanley, DanielAdaptation in cortical function induced by short term robot-assisted training of limbs movements in chronic stroke survivors
Harris, AshleyMRS and MRI investigation of pain in knee osteoarthritis and total knee replacement
Harrison, Daniel7-Tesla MRI in inflammatory disorders of the spinal cord
Harrison, DanielEFC6058-Teracles-A Multi-Center Double-Bind Parallel-Group Placebo-Controlled Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Teriflunomide in Patients with Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis who are Treated with Interferon-Beta
Harrison, DanielA Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study of the Efficacy of Natalizumab on Reducing Disability Progression in Subjects With Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (Protocol Number 101MS326)
Harrison, DanielAutomated Quantification of Subpial Demyelination and Axonal Injury in MS on 7T MRI
Harrison, DanielGrey matter lesions & neurodegeneration in MS on 7T MRI
Hillis-Trupe, ArgyeStroke Patient Study
Hillis-Trupe, ArgyeRehabilitation and Prophylaxia of Anomia in Primary Progressive Aphasia
Hoehn-Saric, RudolfEffect of Citalopram on Worry-Induced RCBF Changes in Patients with Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Hoehn-Saric, RudolfDifference in Volume & Asparate Levels of Obsessive Compulsive Patients Who Responded and Patients Who Failed to Respond to Drug Treatment
Hoehn-Saric, RudolfEffect of Closure on RCBF
Hoehn-Saric, RudolfBOLD Activation During Uncertainty in Patients with Major Depression and Comorbid General Anxiety: Effects of Treatment with Escitalopram
Hoehn-Saric, RudolfThe Role of the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis
Holcomb, HenryPhysiological Correlates of Auditory & Visual Discrimination Based on fMRI
Holcomb, HenryCognitive and Physiologic Effects of NMDA Receptor Antagonism in Normal Volunteers
Holcomb, HenryWorking memory in schizophrenia, a functional magnetic resonance imaging study
Holcomb, HenryNeurochemical and White Matter Markers in Deficit and Nondeficit Schizophrenia
Holcomb, HenryClinical Trial and Neuroimaging Study of Acamprosate in Schizophrenia
Holcomb, HenryA Single Dose Placebo Controlled Stratified Randomized Double-Blind Crossover Study to Determine the Pharmacodynamic Effects of AQW051IN People with Chronic Stable Schizophrenia
Holcomb, HenryCognitive Neruoscience Task Reliability and Clinical Applications Consortium Imaging Biomarkers
Honeycutt, NancyStructural Brain Correlates of MDMA Use
Hong, CharlesSerotonergic Deactivation Associated with Rapid Eye Movements During Sleep: fMRI Study
Hoon, AlexanderNeuroimaging in the Classification of Patients with Cerebral Palsy
Hoon, AlexanderInterrelationships Among Quantitative of White Matter Injury,Sensorimotor Function and Learning Profiles in Children with Cerebral Palsy
Horska, AlenaBrain Energetics in Response to Fructose Load
Humbert, IanessaNeural Pathways for Sensory-motor Swallowing
Humbert, IanessafMRI of Swallowing With Taste,Tactile Stimulation and Biofeedback
Ishibashi, NobuyukiGuidance of Cardiac surgery by NIRS and cellular response
Judge, DanielClinical Trial of Sidenafil in Dystrophin Deficiency
Kamath, VidyulataNeural underpinnings of disordered eating in frontotemporal dementia
Kaplin, AdamThe Use of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Cytokine Measurements to Investigate Depression in Patients with Autoimmune Neurologic Diseases
Kaufman, GalenThe Role of Vestibular Cortex in SCD Subjects uning FMRI
Kaufman, WalterCreating a Pediatric imaging-genomics resource
Kaufman, WalterLearning Disabilities Research Center (LDRC)
Kheradmand, AmirTranscranial TMS and the control of vestibular perception
Kinsman, Stephen L.Structural Neuroimaging in Patients with Holoprosencephaly and Other Congenital Brain Malformations
Kraitchman, DaraMRI Delivery and Tracking of Stem Cell Transplantation in Canine Myocardial Infarction
Krakauer, JohnTracking and Altering the Time Course of Spontaneous Biological Recovery After Stroke
Krakauer, JohnRethinking the reaction time (TMS)
Kraut, MichaelFunctional Imaging of Language , Vision, Memory and Related Functions in Normal Adults
Kyriacou, SteliosTumor Growth Imaging
Lahti, AdrienneMR Assessment of Antipsychotic Treatment
Landau, BarbaraFunctional organization of the ventral stream in normally developing children and people with Williams syndrome
Landau, BarbaraNeural sensitivity to boundary cues across typical and atypical development
Lederman, HowardMagentic Response Spectroscopy in Ataxia Telangieltasia
Leff, MichelleDecision Making, Reward and Brain Function
Leigh, RichardpH Weighted Imaging in Cerebrovascular Disease
Lesser, RonaldDistribution of brain changes occurring during mental calculation and spelling
Limb, CharlesNeural Substrates of Tinnitus
Limb, CharlesNeural Substrates of Musical Perception and Production
Lin, DorisNoninvasive Imaging and Functional Correlation of Intracranil Pial Angiomatosis in Patients with Sturge-Weber Syndrome
Lin, DorisMRI Characterization of Cerebral AVMs in Patients with HHT at 7T: Phenotype and Genotype Correlation
Little, JohnRegional Brain Activity In Geriatric Depression
Lockhart, PaulaThe Neurobiology of Attention in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Mahon, PamelaNeuroimaging and genetic biomarkers of mood stavilizer response in bipolar disorder
Mahone, E. MarkADHD in Girls: Neuroimaging and Executive Behavior
Mahone, E. MarkThe Effects of ADHD (Beyond Decoding Accuracy)on Reading Fluency and Comprehension
Mahone, E. MarkNeuroimaging of Motor Stereotypies in Children with Autism
Mahone, E. MarkMR Spectroscopy in Children with and without Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Marvel, CherieAssessing Cerebellar Structure and Function in Drug Users
Marvel, CherieCerebro-Cerebellar Contributions to Cognitive Function in Drug Addiction
Mazzocco, MicheleNeural Correlates of Mathematical Skills and Performance
McCann, UnaPilot fMRI Studies of Memory Function in MDMA Users
McCann, UnaPET Studies of the SERT and fMRI Studies of Working Memory in Abstinent Users
McDonald, JohnStructural and functional MRI studies of the central and peripheral nervous system in healthy adults and adults with spinal cord injury at 3T
McMahon, MichaelCEST Imaging in Mice
Miller, NeilDiffusion Tensor Magnetic Imaging of the Optic Nerve
Mohamed, MonaGlutamate Metabolism and Treatment Response in OCD: A 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Study
Mohamed, MonaBrain Metabolism in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS): A 3T Spectroscopy Study
Mohamed, MonaHIV Infection and Aging: Evaluation with {18F} AV-45 and MRI/MR Spectroscopy
Mohamed, MonaAmyloidHIV
Mori, SusumuHuman Axonal Fiber Reconstruction Study using Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Mori, SusumuDiffusion Tensor Imaging Studies of Brain White Matter Fibers
Mori, SusumuDiffusion Tensor Imaging Studies of White Mater Fiber Degeneration in Chronic Stroke Patients
Mori, SusumuDiffusion Tensor Imaging Studies of Postmortem Human Brain
Mostofsky, StewartNeurologic Basis of Inhibitory in ADHD
Mostofsky, StewartMotor Skill Learning in Autism
Mostofsky, StewartEnergy Therapy in the Child w/ADHD As Seen With fMRI
Mostofsky, StewartCortical & Subcortical Brain Mechanisms Underlying ADHD:Functional Imaging
Mostofsky, StewartTourette Syndrome:Functional Imaging of Motor Activation Pathways in Verbal and Motor Tics
Mostofsky, StewartAnomalous Motor Physiology in ADHD
Mostofsky, StewartMotor skill learning in Autism: Assessment & treatment of altered patterns of learning
Mostofsky, StewartNeurology of Deficient Response Control in ADHD
Mostofsky, StewartTourette Syndrome Neruoimaging Cosortium Pilot
Mostofsky, StewartAnomalous Motor Physiology in ADHD: Inibitory and Reward Mechanisms
Mowry, EllenMulti-center, randomized, double-blinded assessment of Tecfidera in extending the time to a first attack in radiologically isolated syndrome
Naidu, SakkubaiPathogenesis of Rett Syndrome
Newsome, ScottAn Open-Label, Multicenter Study in Subjects with Relasping-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis to Evaluate the Safety of 240 mg BG00012 TID Administered as Add on Therapy to Beta Interferons or Glatiramer Acetate
Newsome, ScottA Multicenter, Observational ,Open-Label, Single-ARM Study of Tysabri In Early Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis In Anti-JVC Antibody Negative Patients
Nyquist, PaulOccult small vessel cerebrovascular disease in high risk families
Osman, NaelImaging Cardiac Function using SENC
Oswald, LynnPilot Study on Brain Reward Mechanisms and Risks for Drug Abuse
Oswald, LynnConditional Performance Imaging Pilot Study (CPIPS)
Pearlson, GodfreyDriving While Intoxicated: fMRI Pilot Studies
Pearlson, GodfreyfMRI and Implicit Memory
Pearlson, GodfreyRisk Taking Behavioral and Personality in functional MRI Studies
Pearlson, GodfreyAging Brain and Cognition: Cognitive Activation: fMRI
Pekar, JamesFunctional MRI Toolkit
Pillai, JayQuantitative assessment of cerebral vascular response in brain tumors using high resolution MRI at 7T
Pomper, MartinAIDS Dementia Spectroscopy
Pomper, MartinDiffusion tensor imaging and spectroscopy to detect corpus callosum damage in NeuroAids:correlation with cognitive function and markers of white matter integrity
Pomper, MartinA Novel PET Ligand for PBR Imaging:[11C]DPA=713
Pomper, MartinImaging Translocator Protein (TSPO) and Serotonergic Changes in Professional Football Players
Prince, JerryDevelopment of a Resource for High Angular Resolution Imaging CHARDI
Qiu, BenshengIntravascular MR Imaging
Rao, VaniPost Traumatic Brain Injury Depression - Pilot Study
Rao, VaniNeuroimaging and Plasma Markers for Predicting Outcomes after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Rao, VaniRepetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) for the Treatment of Depression and other Neuropsychiatric Symptoms after Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Rapp, BrendaFunctional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Spelling Processes
Rapp, BrendaLocalizing the Cognitive Components of the Spelling Process in Dysgraphic Individuals
Rapp, BrendafMRI of spelling process
Ratchford, JackMulticenter, Double-Blind, Randomized, Parallel-group, Monotherapy, Acitve-control Study to Determine the Efficacy and Safety of Daclizumab High Yield Process (DAC HYP) vs. Avonex (Interferon beta-1a) in Patilents with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
Raymond, GeraldEffect of Lorenzo's oil on ADL,Utilization of MR Spectroscopy, Magnetization Transfer & Diffusion Anistrophy Techniques
Raymond, GeraldMR Studies in Adrenomyeloneuropathy
Reading, SarahFunctional Correlates OF H.A.S.C. Deficits IN Schizophrenia
Reading, SarahNeuroimaging, Neuropsychiatry and Cognitive Function
Redgrave, GrahamLongitudinal changes in brain structure and functin in anorexia nervose
Redgrave, GrahamNeuroimaging, Neuropsychiatry and Cognitive Function
Resnick, SusanNeural Mechanisms Underlying Virtual Environment Navigation
Resnick, SusanBehavioral Implications of Aging in Orbital Frontal Cortex: An fMRI Investigation
Resnick, SusanEarly Markers of Alzhiemer's Disease in Elected BLSA Participants
Rigamonti, DanieleA pilot study to assess changes of brain structure andfunction by DTI in NPH patients
Ritzl, EvaDTI in Patients with Partial Epilepsy Due to Know or Presumed MCD
Rivkin, PaulVerbal Binding and Schizophrenia
Rosch, KeriDelay Discounting in Children with ADHD: Neuroimaging and Behavioral Correlates
Rosenberg, PaulA Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Valproate to Attenuate the Progression of Alzheimer's Disease (AD)
Ross, ChristopherMagnetic Resonance Imaging in Neuropsychiatric Patient and Healthy Controls using the 7 Tesla System
Sacktor, NedOxidative Stress Markers and HIV-Associated Neurological Disorders
Sacktor, NedPilot Study of Paroxetime and Fluconazole for the Treatment of HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorder (HAND)
Sawa, AkiraLongitudinal Characterization of Molecular Biomarker Changes over the Early Course of Psychotic Disease
Schlund, MikeFunctional Imaging of Relational Learning
Scholl, ClaraNon-invasive measures of neural activity using optical imaging approaches
Sedlak, ThomasEffect of Sulforaphane on Brain Glutathione
Shadmehr, RezafMRI Studies of Motor Control and Learning
Shaffner, DonaldMagnesium as a Neuroprotective Agent for Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury
Shelton, AmyExperiential Components of LEarning and Remembering Space
Shelton, AmyVisual Interpolation: Dissociating Dorsal and Ventral Streams
Shelton, AmyPlace and Response Mechanisms in Human Spatial Learning
Shelton, AmyUsing the Dorsal/Ventral Stream Distinction as Framework for Taxonimizing Spatial Skills
Shelton, AmySeparate neural mechanisms for number and area
Smith, GwennSerotonin Modulation in Geriatric Depression
Smith, GwennSerotonin Modulation in Mild Cognitive Impairment
Smith, GwennSerotonin modulation in Alzheimers disease
Smith, GwennAmyloid Imaging in Down Syndrome
Smith, GwennCortical dopamine function in Parkinsons disease
Soares, BrunoUltra high field MRI of focal pediatric epilepsy
Stark, CraigfMRI Studies of Memory Encoding
Steele, KimberleyBariatric surgery and Lifestyle to Overcome Obesity and Metabolic disorders
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